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HCC Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Homemaker?

A homemaker is someone who provides assistance with light housekeeping duties, grocery shopping, errands and transportation to medical appointments.

Duties that are allowed are listed below and can be found on the care plan.

  • Dusting
  • Vacuuming
  • Light meal prep
  • Sweeping / Dry mopping
  • Wet mopping floors
  • Laundry wash / dry / fold
  • Wash bathroom sink / toilet / tub

Homemakers are not allowed to provide any personal care.

What is a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA)?

A Certified Nursing Assistant is licensed by the Rhode Island Department of Health and is trained to provide personal care to injured, ill or disabled people who can no longer care for themselves or require assistance. In addition to personal care a CNA can also provide homemaking duties as listed above.

Duties that a CNA cannot perform:

  • Administer medications
  • Change sterile dressings
  • Enemas
  • Cut finger or toe nails

Duties that are not allowed by any employee of HCC:

  • No yard work of shoveling
  • No washing windows, walls or woodwork
  • No lifting or moving anything greater than 10 pounds
  • No duties that require the use of a stool or ladder
  • Errands must be within a five mile radius of your home
  • Employees are not allowed to be in a client's home if they are not home

How does the homemaker or CNA know what to do?

The nurse will evaluate your needs during the initial admission assessment and develop a personalized plan of care in which you have participated. The home care employees will be required to follow this plan of care.

What is my responsibility as a client?
  • The client is expected to provide any supplies required to complete tasks
  • You will be required to sign a timeslip / flowsheet every week
  • Your signature indicates that the employee provided the number of hours
    scheduled and performed the duties according to the care plan
  • Do not sign a blank form; the employee is responsible for completing the form
    prior to your signing
  • Make sure that the HM / CNA provides you with the yellow copy
    of the timeslip / flowsheet

Health Care Connections is not responsible for items broken during
normal wear and tear or accidental damage to property