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Here is a selection of testimonials sent by our clients in appreciation of our quality care.
With their permission we share these with you.

I would like to say a special "Thank You” for helping me follow my aunt’s wishes by keeping her at home during her final years. lf you hadn't provided such excellent care, been dependable, or organized, l would have had to look for another institution to take care of her. Your organization was a major part of the entire team that looked over her comfort, health, nutrition, cleanliness, social, safety, etc.

Everyone l came in contact with at Health Care Connections was professional, courteous, and helpful. You responded to my requests, concerns, and problems. She often said "they are taking such good care of me, how did l get so lucky". Thank you for being pro-active.

These reasons and more kept her calm and secure. She felt safe and her final days were peaceful. You were so important to both of us, l will never forget you.

Madelyn Teixeira Mahoney

My daughter's name is Robin. She is mentally handicapped, wheelchair bound, can't talk or walk. Is she happy! More than you can imagine! She smiles, laughs, enjoys life. This is only possible because of the wonderful and devoted care of her mother and by the two angel CNAs, Jane and Debby from Health Care Connections. They have learned to love Robin as much as we do.

Bob Bovi

I truly appreciate the help I receive from Health Care Connections. Without the help of my home health aide, I would not be able to take showers or wash my hair. The housework is also appreciated.
I love my home and am so grateful to be able to live in it independently.

Mary Rourke

Your services to my mother after her stroke has allowed me to keep some sense of normality
to my life.

John Chaney

I am really pleased with the assistance of the home health care aides assigned to work for my mother. I have been impressed with their care and concern for my mother’s well-being.

Joseph Pereira

The CNAs take good care of me, by showing love, care and understanding. The office staff are prompt and courteous, and are also kind and caring. What would one do if we didn’t have Health
Care Connections. Thank God we do.

Rose Conti